10 First Date Rules To Live By


A first date can be extremely nerve-racking for many people, we have constructed a list of 10 first date rules and tips to help make the experience that bit easier and more relaxed.

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Tip 1: Put thought into the location and activity

Many women out there prefer the man to select what to do on a first date, it provides them with a greater insight into the type of person he is. Therefore, I am mainly talking to the guys here. When deciding on what to do on a first date, give great consideration to what your date would like to do. Is she the adventurous type or a bit more contemporary? There is little point in taking a woman who is not very adventurous for a day at paintball or rock climbing at the local leisure centre. Yes both of those have been chosen as first date options before. You want your date to not only enjoy your company but also the date itself. If you both clearly do not enjoy the setting you are in, the date has already started off poorly.

Tip 2: Choose the correct clothing

Choosing the correct attire for a date is extremely important. First impressions in this situation mean a lot. Now, I know we all say “don’t jude a book by its cover”, but many of us do, and that is why the type of clothing we wear on a first date is something that needs to be considered with thought. Obviously, the type of clothing you wear depends on where the date is. For example if you are the adventurous type and your first date is something like, say, go-karting, it is probably not a great idea to turn up in a suit for you lads or an expensive designer dress if your a woman. If in doubt about your outfit for a first date, a quick and safe solution is to dress smart casual. For guys, that means perhaps a collard shirt and some jeans with fairly smart shoes. Make sure your colour choices do not clash either. Again, if in doubt, a solution is that black goes with almost anything. The main thing to remember is dress for the occasion/location. You CAN overdress!

Tip 3: Be on time

This sounds extremely obvious but there are a number of us who do not have the best time management skills. Unless something serious has happened which causes you to be late for a date then there really is no excuse not to be on time. Many people offer one chance and one chance only when it comes to dating, if you are late, chances are you wont be seeing that person again as they will most likely already be in a bad mood once you arrive.

Tip 4: Mobile Phone stays away

There are little more irritating things to occur when your having a conversation with someone and they are texting on their phone. It shows that they are clearly uninterested in what you have to say and would probably rather be somewhere else. Therefore, if your serious about your first date, keep that phone switched off and in your pocket or bag.

Tip 5: Have a good conversation

The main thing you want to get out of a first date is to see whether you and the other person are compatible; do you share similar interests etc? Try not talk too much, you do not want to come across as self obsessed. Ask the other person questions. The conversation will become much more free flowing and relaxed if you pay attention to what the other person is saying and are able to ask them appropriate questions or even, perhaps better, to relate to what they are saying through your own prior experiences. After all, the main aim of a first date is to identify common interests.

Tip 6: It is ok to flirt

Many people on a first date, perhaps due to nerves, well actually definitely due to nerves, do not relax and partake in a bit of harmless flirting. You are not having a casual get together with a friend, you are on a date. Feel free to pay your date some compliment, do not be to extreme though. For example, try not to tell a girl that she has great breasts etc. A good way to think when looking to compliment someone on their looks is to focus on above the neck. Eyes or hair would be a good place to start, or even complimenting their laugh, many people are conscious about their laugh so it would help to complement them on that. Everyone loves to be complimented so don’t worry about coming on too strong by paying your date a couple of compliments. Not too many though! Compliments are good gateway into flirting. There are not really any great tips to give in relation to flirting as everyone does it differently. Anyone can flirt, just relax and go with the flow, feed off what the other person says.

Tip 7: Paying the bill

This is something that a lot of men worry about prior to and during a date. We no longer live in a time where men have to pay the bill all the time, but I would suggest that on a first date that the man picks up the tab (and just so you know, this is not a woman writing). It leaves a good impression and can only go in your favour. As a result, when selecting the location of a date, have your budgets in mind. Girls, its nice for you to offer to go half on the bill, but if the man says he is fine paying, just let him. A coffee shop is an ideal location for a date when considering the bill as it should be quite affordable.

Tip 8: Put a restriction on your time

Duration of a date is another thing that needs to be considered, you do not want it to be too short or go on so long that you run out of things to say (although if you are compatible, discussion topics shouldn’t be lacking). A good idea is to set some sort of time limit before the date. I would recommend 45 minutes as being a good time for a first date. When arranging a date simply say that you need to leave by a certain time due to meeting friends, having an appointment etc. That way you are not going to be sitting there thinking about when an appropriate time is to leave.

Tip 9: Work out how you are both getting to the location

Whilst some people like to give their date a lift to and from the location, it is not essential. It is ok to simply arrange to meet at a certain time and place. For the guys, if your date has made her own way there using public transport, another polite thing to do just to make yourself look good is to offer to pay for a taxi home. This way you are ensuring that she is getting home safe and also give off that caring vibe.

Tip 10: A kiss is not essential on a first date

The conclusion of a date to some is the most important part. How do you part ways? Do you give a simple kiss on the cheek? Lip lock? or hug? There are countless potential ways to end the date. A kiss is not essential, and is also a risky option. over 50% of people wait until the second or third date before sharing their first kiss. If you wait until then, there is less chance of you being rejected when leaning in for that kiss, as clearly the other person is interested in you having agreed to meet again. So if you do not kiss, how do you end the date? A simple hug is sufficient enough, it shows emotion and that you are attracted to the other person. Whatever you do, do not shake hands with them. You are not in a business meeting, it is far too formal and will likely send off the wrong vibe to your date.

Finding the Best Life Partner


In many cases of divorce people start a new relationship as soon as they get a chance to think about things again. This is not a good idea, as you need to sort yourself out before starting a new relationship, you need to release the old baggage from the past to think about the future you want and deserve. It is also wrong to judge a new relationship by previous relationship experiences, as each new person is different and will have different ways of doing things. Before you start dating anyone you have to be clear in your mind what you want from them, it is also advisable for you to talk to a close friend that has been successful with dating women or men, avail yourself of an online Relationship Coach to save you time and energy.

When it comes to living a healthy life there are a set of rules that we all follow, from having healthy relationships to how we start one, dating and love life couldn’t be easier, however things don’t always go as planned, if you learn to keep it fun, things can turn around, as all the fun you have is not always sunshine and roses, there will be times when you will need some help, which is when you need the shade, be it positive or negative. Communication is a must, as no line is forever straight, you will always respect and value other persons perspective, it’s not necessary to agree on everything, but at least to give it a try, and we all know what they say; it’s better to learn early then later to not get angry. Keep it light and active, don’t be tense, this is not fun or simple, nor could it be done in a short period of time. The biggest mistake you can ever make on a first date is to talk about your Opposite. Do not let yourself be drawn into situations where a conversation will generate more hurt then joy, therefore it is very important that you come with a positive and happy attitude, which leaves you open to receiving the best mate that you want. To find the right partner you must be open to ideas and have open conversations, years of gossiping and slight arguments that men and women have are testament to the fact that we are all individuals and that what pleases one man or woman may not please another. We are all unique and different in our own way, so allows us to find a partner that complements us, supports us and Sheds light on our darker sides but still allows us to highlight the best.

Dating can be very dangerous dating is real and the first date is always an uncertain journey. Fear not, I urge that you do not get hooked to someone you render impassive because you do not want to be to the potential of ruining your life, providing you realize the world you live in, the things that make you happy may not necessarily titillate your appetite, this is the time you need to evaluate the type of conversations you. Be positive, enable your brain to rationalize and convince yourself rationalizing is good, it is after all, your brain why you are alive. If you are not happy then do something about it. Practicing the art of dating productive you remove the chance of regretting your life decisions, always aiming for the alchemy of gratitude, treat others in a way that inspires kindness, you will be a much happier person if you have a positive attitude and get yourself on board and you can practice this by dating first an escort from http://sugardaddy.de/ just to give you a boost of confidence for the next move.

Guide to a romantic weekend in Launceston


Friday afternoon – vacation mode begins

Check into your Launceston lodging and loosen up a touch earlier than eating on scrumptious sparkling neighborhood seafood and convey at Restaurant Esca.

Saturday morning – bask in brunch within side the park

After a leisurely sleep in make your manner over to the Launceston Harvest Market and select out up a group of scrumptious neighborhood produce. Choose from flawlessly ripe fruit to sparkling baked bread and home made yoghurts and cheeses. Pack up your loot and preserve directly to Launceston City Park to experience your scrumptious brunch and a morning of enjoyable together along with your substantial different.

Saturday afternoon – take a brief experience into space

Everyone is aware of that stargazing together along with your substantial different is a honestly romantic factor to do, aleven though did you recognize in Launceston you may stargaze at clearly any time at some stage in the day? For a completely unique revel in head to the Launceston Planetarium, placed within side the Queen Victorian Museum & Art Gallery. Here you may view a duplicate of each super mega celebrity seen to the bare eye within side the Southern Hemisphere.


Saturday night – include the foodie scene

With an rising and continuously evolving foodie scene, Launceston has no scarcity of today’s wining and eating establishments. For an easy, informal dinner test out the meals vans at the nook of Arthur and High Street. Or for a greater indulgent option, choose the degustation at PX Restaurant. Wholly embracing a paddock to plate philosophy what you’re served at the day is depending on what produce is available. Be organized to depart with a well-earned meals coma.

Sunday morning – experience a mild breakfast

Once you examine the second one object at the itinerary for Sunday, you’ll apprehend why a mild breakfast is required. Take a walk to Elaia Café with ease placed on Charles Street. A Launceston group the café become opened 18 years ago, and maintains to serve one of the satisfactory breakfasts in town. If you’re having problem choosing what to eat, the Croque Madame is clearly scrumptious. Also, if you feel lonely and have no one to experience a romantic weekend in Launceston, you can have a date with one of the best Launceston escorts or just use a date app like http://escortdirectory.com/ or http://ukadultzone.com

Sunday mid-morning and afternoon – discover Tamar Valley wineries

It’s a piece of a no-brainer for a romantic weekend away, and from Launceston you’re in the appropriate spot to discover the first-class drops and cuisine of the Tamar Valley Wine Trail. The wine path is without problems mapped out with vivid blue and yellow signs, or for folks who decide on now no longer to fear approximately navigation (and perhaps experience the wine samples a touch too much!) bounce onto one of the many excursions via the region.