Lovely Cottages in UK

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Are you traveling to England and you need some advice regarding what accommodation is best to choose? If so, then you must take a look at this article as we are going to show you some lovely cottages in the UK that provide everything you need for having a great time. After making some good research, here is what we found.

Coastguard Cottage 3, Woodland hideaway, Devon

Believe us when we say that this place is heaven for anyone who wants to experience something different and highly relax. Located in Devon, this picturesque and beautiful cottage is surrounded by trees and it is only a few minutes distance from the rocky Peppercombe beach. This place is fantastic not only for relaxation but for exploring as well. You can either go with your partner or with the whole family. There are actually 2 cottages, one for three people and the other one excellent for accommodating up to 4 people. Just make sure you book the one you like in advance because in the summer this accommodation is quite busy.

The Big House, Hebridean Croft, Isle of Harris

How can you not love this amazing location? Have a look on their website and we guarantee that you will absolutely fall in love with these cottages. They provide intimacy and comfort in a very beautiful and quiet place where you can have a fantastic time. This place is excellent for couples as each cottage has only one bedroom. There are also an open-plan and light-filled living areas with a lovely mid-century décor. The white sand beach is very beautiful and you will surely like it. In a cottage like this, you will the necessary comfort for a fantastic holiday. Do not worry if you travel alone because you can still have a great company by searching for an date on In England, you can find many lovely girls that work as escorts and they can accompany you to any place you want for as long as you want. You can get a real escorts feedback on site like

Bird How, Lake District

If you want to be more isolated then we recommend you Bird How from Lake District. The location is right at the bottom of the steepest road in the UK, above the river Esk. It is small and very comfortable at the same time. The rustic architecture of the cottage and the friendly and warm indoor décor make this property a very appreciated one, especially by tourists who come here. There is a twin comfortable bedroom and another one with bunk beds. Keep in mind that you need to bring your own sheets.

Hobbit Box, Suffolk

The last but not the least cottage in our list is Hobbit Box. This charming property is situated in Secret Meadows, Suffolk. It has handcrafted wooden furniture and a Middle Earth theme. The cottage is equipped with two spacious and comfortable double bunks, a private toilet and shower, and a very romantic wood-burning stove. Furthermore, the charming wooden deck is perfect for spending romantic moonlight nights underneath the oak trees that surround the area. Anyone who wants to experience a deep relaxation and peace is most welcome to rent this picturesque cottage from Suffolk. Even if the price is quite high during the summertime, we are sure that it is worth every penny.






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